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  1. morteniversen82

    Hi - my blog is

    My question is; Can I leave a link at the end of my post (or in the middle) that makes the page scroll for the comment field? After each post there is some scrolling for the comment field because of the tags, the author-field and the share-menu. So I would like to be able to end my posts with a encouragement for leaving a comment, that makes the page scroll to the comment field?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question so we can see it and help you. On blogs that comments are collapsed as the front page is meant to showcase our posts only. This prevents the front page from becoming a mile long and taking ages to load. When a visitor clicks either the title or the leave a comment link the post is displayed on it's own page.

    Where the leave a comment links are positioned on any theme is up to the theme designer and the only way to change that positioning is with (1) css editing experience and (2) a custom design upgrade. In some themes it may not be possible to move the leave a comment link.

    The Pilcrow theme has a "jump to comments" link at the very top of each post.

  3. morteniversen82

    Ill try again then :-)

    can I type a html-code manually that makes the scroll.

    I've noticed that every comment have its own url barndoor link. Does the commentfield have its own also?

  4. No scrolling, but links can be made to jump down to comments:

    Click on "SKRIV EN KOMMENTAR" and you will see a link to the comment box.
    It will might look like this:

    Click on "Kommentarre" and the link to the first comment is like this:

    You can also link to a specific comment:

  5. morteniversen82

    Thanks - just what I needed!

  6. Huh I know this already resolved but where do I go to create a link for my blog page in the down bar?

  7. @morteniversen82
    You are welcome. Happy blogging.

  8. @lawless525
    I'm not sure I understand your question. Is it related to this other thread you started?

    (What do you mean by "down bar?")

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