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    I’m probably missing something really simple here, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make my name when I post something be a link to my email address. I know, I know, spam and all that, but I already get a ton of spam, so a bit more won’t hurt.



    It looks like this:

    <a href="mailto:(email redacted)">Michael</a>


    Thanks for the reply, but actually, I was wondering if it’s possible to put a link to my email address in my name in the “posted by” line (right below the topic).



    Ah, no. That part is fed by the template, and there’s no access to that. You might place it in a text widget at the top of your sidebar. Taht’s what I finally had to do.



    Bear in mind that if you display your email address like that then the spam bots *will* pick it up and fill your inbox.



    Agreed. You may want to do something like I do on my contact page and fudge it.

    I do remember someone mentioning that they had a contact form within their theme now though since we now have page templates. You may want to review your DashBoard -> Write -> Write Page -> Page Templates to see if you have this. I don’t know if it would work though on

    Hope this helps,


    Thanks for the replies. I’ll probably just put in a contact page then, and use drmike’s suggestion to avoid excessive spam.



    You can also encode your email address if you want. Note sure if this would work with the protections we have here at though.

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