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Link to endnotes in a blog post

  1. I have a blog post with endnotes and was trying to figure out how I link the endnote in the body of the text to the end of the document. Any help would be much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't help at all without a link to the blog (preferably the exact post) starting with http.

  3. If your referring to this blog then you will want to follow these instructions » PageĀ Jumps

  4. The only way I can think of is to go into the edit html mode and add references and links.

  5. Just noticed, slikbonez has an easier to understand link to the same thing.

  6. Sorry about not including the blog URL--it is indeed, thanks for posting it slikbonez! The Page Jumps instructions were super helpful, thank you! I'm still not able to get the page jumps to work though and I'm not too sure why. For the first endnote, for example, I was entering [1] and [1]

    Perhaps I'm entering the code incorrectly?

  7. I wont know whether the end note [1] will work until I submit it.
    [1] This is a note.

  8. [1]Thsi is a note

  9. The forum at least strips end tags

  10. This jumps to:
    <a href="#UNIQUE_IDENTIFIER">Click me</a>
    <a name="UNIQUE_IDENTIFIER">See?</a>

    Be sure you are using the # symbol.

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