“link to flock” – any tos issues here?

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    I am newly into blogging with flock and i rather like it!

    before i publish a post to my blog, there’s an option (which is not mandatory) to add “blogged with flock” at the end of my post – which by the way links to flock.

    i would love to link to them cos it’s really nifty AND user-friendly! however, please inform me if doing so is ok with wp tos.

    thanks in advance!



    I think you need to contact staff for a ruling on this, as with all WP ToS issues. Don’t add the links until you’ve heard from them on Monday or whenever.


    thanks! consider it done! :D



    IMHO as flock is just a web browser extension and posting a “blogged with flock” button is not likely to be an issue. In fact posting a “blogged with Windows Live Writer or Ecto or Qumana or BlogDesk” button would be the same difference. The point being is that you are not going to be making any money from doing so, right?



    When wordpress.com first opened they had a deal with Flock which allowed Flock users to use the site before it was opened up to the general public. So, they’re pretty cosy and I wouldn’t imagine there’d be a problem.


    YEP! no problem! i got a thumbs up from support. and YES it was very obvious that they were very COSY! :D

    but um, tt, i wasn’t quite talking about the flock button, but the text link under each post. whatever, i can link to flock in any way possible and as much as possible!

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