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    Hi, is it possible to link to an unpublished post?

    I want to make the post only visible when people click on a link, I don’t want it published. It’s just a few lines of information; can I use a post for that purpose, or do I have to make a page for it? (I know I can ‘hide’ pages when I post them in hierarchy – I was wondering if I can do the same with a post. And if so: How?)

    Thanks in advance!



    an unpublished post is not published, so it cannot possibly be linked. you can mark the post as private, so that only users who are logged into wordpress can view it. otherwise, password protect the post and give the password to people you want to view.


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    I have one password protected post—it’s not a big secret, but I did not want to email it to the person who asked for it because it wouldn’t have the formating—and it is visible, I think? Or is it? Just the title and “protected” is visible, not the whole post.
    Now that I’m thinking about it, I should have emailed the person the html, maybe?
    It was meant to be sort of a guest post for the person, but she hasn’t used it, so I’m thinking to make it public.
    I’m not sure what I’m asking. Is a private post invisible? Or is it just not readable? Should I have just made a “guest post?” on her blog?



    Private posts are invisible to people that are not logged in. When you’re logged in you can see them.

    I’m not sure what else you’re asking, but if you want one person to see a post others can’t see, consider making a page instead. Pages are easy to hide, and you can link them to people who aren’t logged in.



    Link them for people that aren’t logged in, I mean. Sorry, bad english. I had a maths exam today :(


    Thanks for the replies, but no, that was not exactly what I was asking. :) I don’t want the post to be private, I want everybody to see it, but only when you click on it; I don’t want it to appear in my archive.

    The link follows to an explanation of something. For example if I write “Then he saw

      a frog

    in the swamp.” When you click on “a frog” I want you to come to a post with something like “A frog is a green animal. It’s an amphibian with four legs. The Latin name … yadayada”. Like that.

    But in this particular case I want a word linked to a piece of text that I wrote as a diary years ago – text that I don’t want to be found anywhere else on my blog or in my archive, because if you read it exclusively, it makes no sense. Only linked from the original post it’s useful.

    I could make a word document and put it on, but I prefer to keep it within my WordPress account like, as I said, a post or a page (a page can be found to, even if it’s hidden, when you search the blog for certain words).


    Sorry, I meant “a frog” to be underlined… I put the wrong html-code round it.



    What you are asking for is self-contradictory. If the post/page is there, then a search will always find it. And if it isn’t there, you can’t link to it.

    And before anyone spends any more time on this, please give us a link to your blog here at so that we can be sure we’re giving you the best advice.


    I don’t think it has to be a contradiction at all. You can do the same with photo’s: stock them in a media library and only link to them without posting them.

    And thanks for summoning people not to “spend time” on my question. Here’s my blog address: – since you think that might be of help.



    Perhaps you are unaware of the number of questions that we get in this forum from people who don’t bother to read the stickies at the top, post their queries, and then only later do we forum volunteers find out that they are not hosted here and our solutions don’t apply to them. That’s the primary reason for asking for a link to your blog – so that we can help. (My own rule is that I don’t answer questions at all without a blog link.) Take a look at this

    As for your question – your example of the media library is incorrect. Any photo that you have in your media library can be located by search engines because the photo has an exact url. That is the reason you can link to it. An unpublished page or post does not have an address so there is no way to link to it.

    I can think of a couple of ways to handle what you want to do, none of them solving your problem. You could backdate a post with the info, put the info in a page that is hidden from the pages widget or use anchor tags within a post with the relevant text in there. Any of those things will cause the text, once published, to be available.


    You’re right, I was not aware of the .org/.com confusion and the trouble it causes – I’m sorry about that. I was just a bit annoyed by the call up for not responding anymore, since I thought my question was legitimate.

    Thanks for thinking with me. I didn’t want backdating, because I don’t want the post to appear in my archive list in the sidebar. I thought about the hidden page as an option, but I wanted to know if there was also something like a hidden *post*; that was my initial question (and I think I got my answer: apparently it’s no :)). Hadn’t thought about anchor tags though, that sounds like a good way too. I never used them before, so I’ll try them out. Otherwise I’ll stay with the hidden page idea. Thanks for your time and answer.



    I’m using and not self-hosted.

    I think my question is exactly the same as the original question by Vanallemarktenthuis above, but I still don’t see where that is answered. I think I do understand Private, but that’s not what I want either.

    Where my list of Pages appears on my home page, if there are child pages they also appear on that index, and if there are many child pages the home page becomes too cluttered (as noted elsewhere in this forum).

    So if I have an Animals page listed in the home page list of pages, I don’t want the Frogs page
    to be listed on the home page (only on the Animals page).

    So I thought making the Frogs page to be “hidden” sounded right — because I would be able to put a workable link to the Frogs page on the Animals page. (I have no interest in hiding the Frogs from a search.)

    Sorry to be clueless, but I still haven’t been able to see out how to do it. Help please!



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    In the pages widget you’ll see at the bottom:
    Page IDs, separated by commas.”
    Be sure to add a link to Frogs on the Animal page.



    1tess, thank you so much — it works! –Edwin

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