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  1. Hi! I'm very new in the blogger world and i have no idea if people can access my blog by clicking on my name, for example when i leave them a comment?How can i be aware of that and if it's not happening how can i make it so they can reach my blog?

  2. i have to add that usually i'm not logged with missesparker, but with a nickname

  3. If you're logged in I can see you've linked your username to your blog on your profile page, and it works. If you're logged out, you can still use your username and leave your URL but your avatar won't appear in the comment; it WILL appear on the Recent Comments widget, though, interestingly.

    Note that at sites off, things are naturally different.

  4. If you're logged in a different account, you'll have to log out before you can do this, otherwise it'll leave a link to the wrong blog.

  5. Thank you for your answer. When i said "logged as missesparker" it was my fault, actually i meant to say that i use a nickname when i leave a comment on wordpress and i'm not sure that others can access my blog if they want to, but i am logged with my normal account.From now on in order to be sure, i'll use this username only.

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