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link to my blog

  1. When I write a comment while not logged in and I put my wordpress blog url under website, people reading my comments can access my blog by clicking my name. However, I just hate it that a different profile picture appears and worse, it's a different one every time! However when I am logged in, the correct picture appears but my name doesn't link to my blog. Why is this so?

  2. If you put the URL of your blog into the Website field in your profile, your name will link to your blog.

  3. Here you go this link will help you link your user name
    to your blog... » How to make your name link to your blog.

  4. Thanks to you two. I just edited my profile. How do I insert smileys in my comments? I also noticed that after I added a blog to my favorites (I am using Internet explorer), the wordpress icon (W) appears before its URL in my address bar. This is cool! However, this doesn't happen when I access other blogs I have favorited (including mine!) Would you know why?

  5. For the favicon I don't have a answer why but I have
    link for you that will show you the smiley format... =)

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