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Link to my blog ojn Facebook is not showing images or description of post?

  1. Hey wordpress.. i've previously linked to my blog using Facebook and if i entered the URL of a particular post(in my blog) it would provide a description of that post as well as an option to add a thumbnail from that post.Just this morning it no longer does that..instead it only provides a link to the main page of my blog ..with no description or image option. This ONLY occurs when i link to the wordpress blog and not to other sites. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you using the WordPress facebook application ? Because if not this then sounds link a facebook issue and you will need to seek support from them.

  3. thanks for replying t3ck.I can link to any other url and it comes with the description as well as image option.It previously did the same when linking to a url but since today all it does is provide a simple image or description.Ive tried other blogs other than my own and it does the same.

    Other url's seem to not have this issue and i thought maybe it was something wordpress did recently?

    I have not used the worpress facebook application but ill look into.

  4. the problem seems to have corrected itself... most probably on the facebook end.

  5. The problem is back; it comes and goes. I agree that it's probably a Facebook problem (what isn't?), but I can only replicate the problem when trying to post WordPress links on Facebook. All other links are fine.

  6. it's a 100% fb problem. Of course, fb has no support, so we're stuffed.
    the solution is to keep deleting fb notes and re-update from the blog/rss page.

  7. I've found that when I post my main page in my status it provides a picture and description, but when I post a particular thread it only posts the url. See if the same happens for yours. I've just been posting "Update" statuses, that contain hints of my last few posts, then just plug in my main url...I think it will still bring people into your blog, and if they like it they'll continue looking around.

    But it's a facebook problem and not a wordpress issue, I think.

  8. writingonwheelsinheels

    I have a similar problem. When I add my wordpress link it shows the tumbnail and (a) text alright (so far, so good). But when I take a closer look, I see that it shows a text that has nothing to do with my blog and is actually quite personal. One way or the other, a text that was on my desktop is uploaded each and every time that I create a link in fb. Pffff, it seems like there is no solution to that. Or is this maybe a wordpress issue?

  9. I also experienced the same thing. But this is certainly a problem in wordpress. but I do not know the solution for it

  10. It's a problem BETWEEN WordPress and Facebook. I use the Networked Blogs application and never have this problem.

  11. niurkastrong48

    I am trying to post the link for wordpress at the bottom of my facebook page. Can you let me know how to do this? For two days I have tried the support email and no one gets back to me, I think there is a problem with the support email

  12. put the cursor over the application tag and then hold the mouse button over the icons . Hold it down like iphone on one and you will be able to drag them in the field.

  13. You are trying to link to WordPress from Facebook? Then you need to contact Facebook support.

  14. haha, has anyone anywhere EVER had fb fix a problem? contact to Facebook support probably goes in a big email bin. I've told them the issue AND fix, and nobody ddoes jack.

  15. I know, but it's not a problem.

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