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link to new page shows as "error 404 - not found"

  1. I created a link to another, new page; the new is password protected. Once someone clicks on the link, the message "Error 404 - not found" comes up. I've gone in and re-linked to the new page several times. It then works (because I'm logged in). But once I logged back out and opened anew, same error. [Now that I added a test post on that page, which I did when I was stilled logged in to edit blog, I can get in no problem; but the people I've invited to test this page for me still cannot get in. Instead of the "this page requires a password" page, they get the "not found message."]

    Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

  2. I'm sure you're going to tell us what page you're talking about, right? All the Posts and Pages at the blog under your user name work fine for me. We can't see what you're seeing unless you tell us what you're looking at. Please provide a URL.


  3. Here is the URL with the link:

    here is the target page:

    (I can get in once I'm logged in to do editing; can't when not logged in.)


  4. The target URL and the page URL that contains the target URL are that intentional?

  5. nope. the target should have another "diaries" after the backslash

  6. Do you have it published? I ask because the link you have on the parent page is to a pre-publishing preview link of the subpage.

  7. Hi there,

    The target page was published on 4/28/07 (I double-checked the status in page management.) I've re-created the link connection several times. Each time I copy the url from the view page and paste it into the link properties on the page I'm linking from.

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