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  1. I am wanting to add a link to another website inside of my post. Can anyone help me with that? Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. See here:

    And please paste the exact URL of your blog when asking questions here, or link your nickname to your blog (as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know Before Posting). We usually need that to give a relevant answer.

  3. sorry, I am very new at this! Please forgive my lack of knowledge...I will get the hang of it! :) .....and thank you for the advise, I will check it out!

  4. You're welcome. Yes, that's it - helps us help you.

  5. I did what it said at the link you gave me, yet it will not go to the link that I have on my post. It's highlighted, but just stays where its at???? so obviously I am doing something wrong!!!

  6. I got it, the "visual" didn't work, so I used the HTML and that did! Thank you!!!

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