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Link to pic in Gallery

  1. Hi Folks! I have a 'Page' on my blog, which is pics of 'Awards' from other bloggers. I have them in a 'Gallery' format. When I try to provide the Link URL on the pics, (to the awarder's blog), it doesn't seem to work. Is this because it cannot be done in Gallery format, please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Whenever I have issues or questions about the Gallery functions I read what justjennifer has prepared. gammagirl -Not the Official Gallery FAQ > I hope you find your answer there. Best wishes.

  3. I have read that - thanks. It states everything that can be done and this is not specifically mentioned, so it obviously cannot be done. Many thanks.

  4. justjennifer is extremely conversant with images and the gallery functions as she is a photography buff. You're welcome.

  5. No can do by using the Gallery function alone.

    You can either edit the description of the image in the Media Library to include a link to the awarder's blog, which will then display the link under the image in the Attachment page, or you'll have to create an HTML table and link each thumbnail image directly to the awarder's blog

  6. And tt, please feel free to use the shortlink to my FAQ rather than pointing to a search result.

    In either case it doesn't appear there's a backlink from the forums, but it will save people a step in getting to the FAQ. Thanks!

  7. Okay I'll change that link in my bookmarks. :)

  8. Many thanks, both.

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