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link to random post on my blog

  1. Hi, it would be nice to have a widget that propose to our readers a daily random link within our blog. It could be something like "have you read this old post?" or "another post on this blog that you might like"...

    The reason why I am interested in this ONE link (besides the fact that it may increase the time my readers spend on my blog) is for QR codes. My blog is a food blog, and I would like my readers to get "a recipe a day." If I had this ONE link, I could QR code it and give this ONE code to my readers. They could print it or save it in their smartphones, and then, from anywhere, they could have access to a random recipe every day.

    I wouldn't need WordPress to worry about the QR code, that's on my end. But I'd love it if you could create this ONE link to a daily random post on my blog.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. There's a way to create a "random" link that will take the reader to a different post every time he/she clicks on it...

    <a href="/?random">Random Post</a>

    Not exactly what you want, but maybe this will work for you?

  3. That's close, thanks, but I have to put this code on my own blog for it to work, right? People who are not on my blog could not access a random post on my blog with just this link, am I understanding this correctly?

  4. It's quite possible to generate a link to a random post on your blog, (http:// yourblognamehere and obviously without the extra spaces) but hadn't thought about smartphones and QR codes. Nice idea!

  5. Too slow! ~~devblog

    Interesting thought,probably if they bookmark it?

  6. Excellent, thank you, it works!!! I created a QR code with the random link and it takes me every time to a new post on my blog! Fantastic!!!

  7. Thanks, timethief, this is great. I won't use the icon, though, or I should say my icon will be a QR code. Excellent stuff, you should tell people about it!

  8. For those who are interested: I went there: and entered this information (without the spaces): http: // cestpasmoijeljure . wordpress . com /? random and it created an image (QR code) that I downloaded and can use as an icon.

  9. You are welcome. Great idea!

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