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Link to sign up sheet

  1. I want to link from our activity page to a sign up sheet. I think I understand that I need something like "Sign Up Here", highlight it and then create a link (hyperlink). I created a Google spreadsheet and put that in the link space in the pop up window, and then tested it. It does not connect.

    What do I need to do?

    Mahalo (thanks)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to the blog please.

  3. Is the thing you made with google docs a "form" that when people fill it out they hit a "submit" button and it is forwarded to you? Is the form you make public so that anyone can access it?

    What is the link to the spreadsheet you created?

  4. OK. We had a web person who left for grad school and I am not sure how she had this working.

    I do have something working, but do not know if this is the best way to do this. I currently have a link from the home page of to a Google doc (spreadsheet). The link is

    They fill in the cells and that is it. The problem is that the data can be changed and there is no confirmation back to the person.

    This will work, but if anyone has a better idea, I am open.


  5. There are some places on the web that will host online forms for you and then you can gather the data, or they can email it to you.

    This is one such place: . I've never used it so you need to read up on things, and possibly give it a try.

  6. Thanks for the link; I will give it a try.

  7. You're welcome.

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