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    Hy there,

    just started blogging and want to know how to add a side which only links to the main blog page.
    It doesn’t work out editing the permalink and only deleting the name of the page (e.g. Start) so
    it’ll look like this:

    But I’ve seen that it is working in other blogs.
    Where there is the “home”-side.

    thanks for help.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Put this in a text widget:
    <a href="">Home </a>
    Then add text widget to your sidebar.

    There is another “trick” but it doesn’t work well in your theme:

    Make a new blank page.
    Put this in the title:
    <a href="">Home </a>

    Your home link will appear as an odd looking navigation tab at the top of your blog.

    If you want it in your sidebar as well, add a “pages” widget.

    By the way, the title of your blog is also a link to your home page.


    Also, in case you do not know it, the title of your blog, above the header image, links back to your main page.


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    lots of links and titles to us all, call me a countess…



    Well, thanks for your support. But ähm it’s not really what I’m looking for.
    Well I guess I have to leave it with the link in the blog title or if i get that keen on the feature I’ll might change the theme.


    @mercury46: If you don’t mind having the home tab in the upper left corner of your header, you can try the solution I’ve worked out here:

    (Paste the code in a text widget.)



    @panag: I’ve tried the solution you placed in the older thread. But it’s the same as it was told there. Different browsers generate different views. But it’s ok. I think I can live without the “home” button and figure out some new theme. Thanx


    @mercury46: Thanks for reporting! Which browser gives you wrong results?

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