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    The theme I’m using doesn’t display the tagline I entered on my general settings page. Is there a link to it that I can put into a text box?

    The blog I need help with is


    No, just put whatever you put into the tagline into the text widget.



    Should have searched first. Used a mod of a suggestion by Panos on another thread. Man, I love learning new stuff!


    There is a way to move a text widget up under the blog title by using some HTML stuff and have it appear like it’s an actual tagline, but right now I can’t find it in a forum search. The mod with the text widget is a pretty neat trick and was, as far as I know first introduced to the forums by “devblog,” who is pretty much a web/CSS guru.



    Well whoever came up with it, they have my undying gratitude. This trick has even allowed me to resume my original tagline, which I abandoned because it wouldn’t fit into my original WP theme. Grreeaaatt! :-)


    It’s the “position:absolute” code. Can be very tricky, depending on the theme. For instance, izaakmak’s tagline will slip out of place if you drag the browser window to expand it or if you zoom in. I’ll try to work it out and let you know.


    So. In izaakmak’s case the best I can come up with is this:

    <div align="center" style="width:100%;top:30px;left:0;position:absolute;">
    <div align="right" style="width:768px;">

    First line includes extras so that the tagline won’t move if you expand the browser window.
    Second line is an invisible (but zoomamble) space, so that the tagline will remain below the title if you zoom in.
    Third line is for having the tagline flush with the (right-aligned) title.

    But there’s an insoluble problem: unfortunately what Pressrow considers “top” is the top of the browser window, not the blog page. So for a non-wp user, or if you log out (= without the grey admin bar), the tagline will be lower than it should.


    There’s a more primitive solution, which is what I’ve used. Just modify your header pic to add the tagline to it. If I could do it with MS-Paint, anyone can do it.


    @sensuouscurmudgeon: It’s not more primitive, it’s better and simpler. (That thing I posted above took me almost half an hour to work out.)



    Provided the blog does not have a lengthy title i addressed the inclusion of a tagline very simply in another theme I was using. I inserted a colon after title and included both title and tagline in the Blog Title line on the General Settings page. By doing this the advantage is that the tagline also gets indexed and does appear in search engine results.



    Wow! I had no idea anyone was still looking into this. I’m not feeling well, so I took a little nap. These are all great thoughts, none of which I had considered. Well I did think of using a graphics program, but as much as I like to play with changing things…

    Thanks everyone!

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