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    I changed themes this past week. My link/blogroll widget is gone (the links are still there but the actual widget I’ve been using is gone) and the replacement widget tells me “There are no options for this widget.” (The quoted sentence is directly from the widget).

    I have been looking at other themes (out of curiosity) and some pick up my links and most others don’t. What happened and how do I get my links/blogroll back? It’s the strangest thing.

    The blog I need help with is



    Well, there ARE no options on the Links widget. Just drag it into your sidebar and save it. The Links widget is not configurable as far as I know in any theme, that’s all that warning means.



    When I dragged the Links widget to my sidebar, it gave me the sentence above and the only choices were delete or close. There was no save (like there should be).

    Normally it would say Links or Blogroll, it says nothing (I’m guessing those are the options).

    When I look at the widgets I used before (below the ones that came with my theme), my links/blogroll widget is gone as well.



    Have you tried clearing your browser cache and cookies and then signing in again?

    If that doesn’t work do you have another browser that you can try?


    Just drag the Links widget to the sidebar cell: a widget is automatically added once you do that. Clicking a Save button is needed only when there are options to change or text boxes to fill in.

    “I have been looking at other themes (out of curiosity) and some pick up my links and most others don’t.” Depends on whether you switch from a theme to a similarly designed one or not.



    Maybe I’m not explaining this correctly – short of giving admin access to you (sorry, can’t do that), I will try and articulate the problem in another way.

    I cannot use the Links widget that came with my current theme (under “available” widgets). After dragging it to the sidebar, there are no options to choose from (links, blogroll, and there are no boxes to check for how you want the link to appear, etc) as the widget only shows delete/close and includes the above statement (which I have never seen before). It appears the programming for the widget (not what I wish to put in it) is broken.


    There are no options for this widget.
    Delete | Close

    (This is what the links widget says when I drag it to the sidebar.)

    In the “inactive” widget section, there should be a links/blogroll widget that I used previously. It is not there. When I have changed themes before, I could move the widget from this column to the sidebar column and it worked — because it was there to use.

    It is the same whether I use Chrome, Firefox or IE.

    Does this help at all? Thanks for your patience and help —



    I mean to save the changes to the sidebar. They’re saved automatically as long as you go to the blog after dragging the widget, rather than dragging it back again.



    If there is no links widget in the inactive widgets section, which widget exactly are you talking about dragging?

    Drag the widget to the sidebar, hit Close, and go look at the blog.


    You’re not explaining anything we haven’t understood already. Yes, in some themes the Links widget has no options.



    And the theme you are using is called _____________?



    I changed themes and now have my links back.

    Thanks all.



    I’m glad to hear you are okay with the theme switch. It would be helpful to others to know which theme you were using in case we get the same question asked again on the forum. Would you please tell us which theme it was?


    @tt: I bet starrygirl1 was using MistyLook.

    And I’m surprised at her refusal to listen. Options or no options, once you activate the Links widget your links will show up in your sidebar or bottombar no matter what the theme (Monotone being the sole exception).

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