Link within a post not leaving the url of original post.

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    I’m not sure what to make of this, maybe someone can help. I was in another blog and I clicked on a link within a post that took me to “The New York Sun”, but the URL stayed the same as the blog I had linked from. Does that make sense? Basically, If I had wanted to link to the “New York Sun” article…the url would be of the blog. This actually happened for everything I linked on in this blog…each post had the same url which was the front page of the blog…I could not even find a permalink to separate posts within the blog. Why would someone set a blog up like that? Is there some sort of benefit? It was very frustrating to me.

    If this is a stupid question, I am sorry. This is just the first time I have come across something like this.



    I’ve never heard of this before. Is it a blog that you are referring to? Can you provide the url for the blog in question?


    It seems to be wordpress but with I’m not sure. This is the link…

    I also just noticed that when I click a link on this blog I can’t use the back arrow to get back to the blog. I’m not sure if it is intentionally this way or a problem with the site. It just seems odd to me, it’s the first time I’ve ever come across something like this.



    I see what you mean by the permalinks. There do not appear to be any in the titles of the articles in the blog. That’s definitely strange as all the themes are hardcoded to produce them. IMO this ought to be reported to staff.

    I clicked these links and I was able to use the back button to return to the blog.
    * Bite of Brainfood
    * Daily Healthbeat Tip (HHS)
    * French Laundry at Home
    * RDs Weigh In
    * Shaping Youth

    Can you provide a link to one of the ones you are referring to please?


    Maybe it’s a problem on my end then. When I click on Bite of Brainfood in the blogroll (or any links withing the posts)…the url stays the same…does it do that for you?



    Yes. You’re 100% correct.

    (1) When I click “Bite of Brainfood” or any of the links in the blogroll I end up on a Blogspot blog that has this url

    (2) When I go to the blog I get the same url

    (3) None of the titles to the blog articles have individual permalinks. They all direct back to ( blog front page)

    Something very weird is going on with this blog. I will report it to staff.


    I had wanted to link to a specific post from this blog, for a post I am working on. I guess I just won’t do it.


    Thanks for your help.



    Just as you said there appear to be no individual permalinks to blog articles. The titles of all posts all direct back to the front page url. The links in the blogroll all link to a Blogspot blog with the same url as the wordpress blog’s url.

    I just reported this blog to staff. Thanks for the thanks but all I really did was confirm what you had found – bizarre as it is.

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