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Link wordpress hosted blog to third party hosted website

  1. Hi

    I've got a website hosted by 123reg (not recommended). My blog is hosted by wordpress (so on their servers(6 ip addresses)).

    I'd link to connect the two, for SOE purposes. Because they are on different domains I'm not sure how to go about doing this?

    My provider says 'ask wordpress how they should be configured to work on a third party DNS section'.

    Hope this makes sense, grateful for any advice.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. It does make sense.
    I'm thinking you are going to need to contact

  3. I am not clear about what you are trying to achieve.

    Are you referring to 6 free blogs from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM or not? Those are the ONLY blogs we provide support for on this forum.

    What is or are the URLs for the blog(s) in question starting with http://

  4. I'm sorry I should've asked if the your site you are trying to do this with is the site linked to your user name?

  5. The way I'm reading it and understanding it is you have your website domain that you have purchased and also a blog that you want to direct to that domain????
    And I see Time Thief so I should've refreshed.

  6. Thanks for looking into this and responses so far.

    My blog web address is It is a free subscription just set up with wordpress, not installed on my website domain.

    My website is hosted by 123reg and created using a template service. For SEO purposes, I've been told, having a blog is good, BUT it needs to be on the same domain if for example Google wants to take it into account for search rankings.
    So, I've been advised to link my website and the wordpress server IP addresses via DNS entries.

    I'm just not sure now.


  7. Are you saying that you want your wordpress blog to appear as a sub-domain of your hosted site, like ?

    If so see this page for help:

  8. Sorry to jump in on this, but I have a related question. I am trying to set up 4 or 5 different hosted blogs as subdomains on our domain (it's a church website and we have 4 or 5 staff members that want a blog). I was able to set up number 1 with no problems. My Pastor's blog is set up at instead of When I go to do the subdomain setup on any subsequent blogs, it says something to the effect of "you aren't allowed to do this because another blog/user has already set up a subdomain to that domain." Please tell me there's a way to do this. I certainly don't mind paying the $12/year for each blog in order to use our own address, but it's acting like that's not allowed. Thanks for any help!

  9. djcaseyd,
    I think you need to contact support directly. I see no reason why this shouldn't be allowed, especially if the blogs are all owned by the same user. Maybe there are technical reasons that it can't be done, or perhaps its just an unnecessary security check that the wordpress team can bypass for you. Contact support at

    (let us know the outcome here too please)

  10. Is that the problem? The blogs are all different usernames.

  11. I wouldn't mind doing a generic username for all the church blogs, but is that something I change now that I've already created them with the other usernames?

  12. I don't know - unless one of the volunteers on the forum happens to have tried it only the staff can answer that question. BTW, if you do need to create one generic user name you can transfer existing blogs to a user, and still allow the other users to publish to each blog.

  13. @tandava108 Thanks for that. That is not quite what I had in mind. I.e. I don't wish them to APPEAR to be a subdomain, but I need them to actually BE 'linked' or recorded so that Google accepts them as one or linked (excuse if the terminology is not fully correct)... else maintaining a blog doesn't actually help with the SEO as it should.

    123reg told me that it should be possible to record the server ip addresses on my domain to make it seem as if they all belong to my hosted one?

  14. @wewaitforyou
    I believe from your description that you want to redirect all of your sites to one domain name? So when you google say and click on it you get taken to ??? Correct???

  15. @wewaitforyou

    Because they are on different domains I'm not sure how to go about doing this? ... 123reg told me that it should be possible to record the server ip addresses on my domain to make it seem as if they all belong to my hosted one?

    Domain Mapping ยป Map an Existing Domain >

    While you can map as many domains as you want to one blog, each Domain Mapping Upgrade can be used with one domain only.

    If another Volunteers is not able to give you specific step-by-step help then I suggest you contact WordPress.COM Staff using this link >

  16. @djcaseyd

    You can use one blog for what you want to do. Just make each different person that Posts have their own Category and then you can sort by Category / Person if a visitor wanted to have just the writings of a single person or look at all of the recent Posts by everyone.

    You would need to make a Custom Menu to do the sort.

    Then you only have one place for everyone to visit, a bit easier for visitors to move around.

  17. @auxclass

    Thanks for the info. I may look into the categories and see if I can do it that way. When you talk about making a custom menu for the sort, could you explain that? I'm not real familiar with WordPress outside of setting stuff up and doing posts, etc.

  18. @djcaseyd
    This thread is now way off track from what the OP posted. If you cannot understand the instructions dound here > Will you please create a new thread of your own using this link >

  19. My apologies.

  20. NO problem. :) I'm waiting for your to post your thread and will be happy to answer it. I just didn't want the OP to return to this thread and be overwhelmed by all the off-topic stuff in it and think we forgot their issue.

  21. @TT Thanks for helping them with the link - it looked like they were making things WAY to complex

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