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Linkbacks, Pingbacks, and Comment Moderation

  1. I noticed recently that whenever I post links to my earlier posts in a new post I get an email asking me if I want to approve it. This didn't use to happen. Can anyone explain the change?

    Also, after approving a comment held for moderation, I used to get another email allowing me to go directly to the comment to reply. I no longer get the second email now, and end up having to search out the comment on my own. What gives?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When we link to our earlier posts in new posts we do get pingbacks. I delete them. Others post them. Still others stop the self pings. See here >

  3. As for the second question you ask I cannot answer it. If you have your blog set up so you do get emails then that's done on this page. Settings > Discussion
    Please take a close look at this section.

  4. Thanks tt!

  5. You're welcome. Best wishes for an excellent 2001! :)

  6. Same to you!

  7. I'm thinking that in many ways 2010 sucked so 2011 will be better. ;)

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