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    I have signed up for a free WP blog through (

    Completely separately, I purchased a domain name and hosting service via Bluehost and downloaded WP software as part of that package (Let’s call it “” for privacy.)

    Each WP account is meant to be separate from the other forever.

    I log in with completely different UN/ PW to each.

    Now, somehow the “xyz” has become linked with There should be no connection.

    On the maryrafic.wordpress (free) dashboard, there is a “My Blogs” link. Under this, I find my posts with check boxes and under that “linked blogs”, the xyz blog with NO check box, so no option to remove completely.

    On the xyz (part of paid package) dashboard, there is no “My Blogs”- I would never know from there that a link even exists.

    Suddenly, one day, I was reviewing the maryrafic blog and I noticed the xyz one as a link! Again, xyz is not to be associated with maryrafic.wordpress. Two completely separate purposes and functions.

    “Manage my blogs” under the free account has nothing to unlink.

    And comments and follows are being mixed for the sites, in my notifications.

    Please tell me how to unlink.

    And what I did to link in the first place so I can avoid it in future.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Possibly via the Jetpack plugin on your self-hosted site, which requires a account.

    And I believe the only person who would see that connection is you.



    Provide the URLs of the site(s) you want deleted please as Staff can do this for you. I tagged this thread for their assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.



    @tt – I believe it would be unwise to list the URLs of both sites in the same thread, especially since the OP wants to keep them entirely separate and unlinked. At the rate that Google picks up forum threads here, it’d appear in search results.

    Perhaps the wiser course would be to request Staff to contact the OP privately to resolve this issue?



    Hi maryrafic,

    If you have a account and then set up a self-hosted blog on a different hosting provider, and used your account to connect Jetpack, you will see both blogs in your admin panel. This allows you to manage both from a single login.

    This “connection” is invisible to everyone but yourself and those of us who work at

    If you want to truly keep the two sites separate, what you should do is disconnect your self-hosted blog from Jetpack, set up a brand new account, and then connect Jetpack to that account instead.

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