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linked blogs that should NOT be linked

  1. allaboutravelokc

    I write a blog for work. Link above. I also keep a personal blog and I do NOT want these linked, but somehow they are???? How can I keep them separate from one another?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You write them both from the same account, therefore if anyone googles your username both blogs will turn up.

    The way to avoid this is to have TWO accounts and only blog with one user account on each blog.

  3. allaboutravelokc

    I have two user accounts they are separate. They were created at different times and they have different logins and passwords. I do not write them both from the same account.

  4. allaboutravelokc

    I have three accounts that are on same account and they are allaboutravelokc/allabouttravelokc/thetravelingvegan

    However, I just started a website [link redacted by `sl1k due to forum policy about non blog urls] that is completely and totally unrelated to the other accounts and for some reason it's a linked blog. This should NOT be linked to my WORK blog.

  5. Linked how?

  6. allaboutravelokc

    [link redacted by `sl1k due to forum policy about non blog urls] is at the bottom of all my other WORK blogs for ALL About Travel. They should not be connected/linked in anyway.

    When I log into All About Travel, somehow is accessible this way too.

  7. allaboutravelokc

    It does say it is Hidden, but it should NOT be linked to my WORK blog at all. They are different sign in and passwords, they were created independently and I log into each one separate. Cell Block Nation blog does not have my Work blogs linked to it. My WORK blog shouldn't have my personal blog linked either.

  8. allaboutravelokc

    If my work logs into they will see the other blog, just because it's HIDDEN from public (I guess that's what it means) doesn't mean it's hidden from my WORK. I don't want to have to close out all accounts and start fresh. I have worked many long, hours on my WORK blog as well as my personal.

  9. That is not a WordPress.COM blog and we can't help with that.

  10. allaboutravelokc

    UGH!!! It is a blog ALL OF THEM

  11. allaboutravelokc

    I sign in to WORDPRESS.COM for all I do on each one of them...

  12. allaboutravelokc

    [link redacted by `sl1k due to forum policy about non blog urls]

    This is NOT A WORDPRESS.COM blog"????????? It says WORDPRESS.cOM

  13. It is not.

    See at the bottom where it says "Proudly powered by WordPress Install WordPress"? That's what it says on WordPress.ORG blogs.

    The reason they're "linked" and they are so linked only to you, not to anyone else at your work unless they use the exact same account to sign into that blog (which would be foolish) is that you have probably installed Jetpack on that blog using your API.

  14. allaboutravelokc

    I am currently logged into WORDPRESS.COM to send this message from my OTHER too

  15. It doesn't say It says WordPress.

  16. allaboutravelokc

    I do not see anything that says "Proudly powered by WordPress Install WordPress"?

  17. allaboutravelokc

    Then who can help me, because iPower says it's

  18. allaboutravelokc

    How do I uninstall then if that's what the problem is....I cannot have my WORK mixed with my PERSONAL. Thanks.

  19. allaboutravelokc

    Thanks, I have removed jetpack and it removed the LINKED to the other. How can I keep them separate from one another, or can I? I spent over an hour on the phone with iPower and they told me in the end that I would need to contact so perhaps you can understand my frustrations. Now I am stuck with a very minimal way of checking in on my WordPress for the website.

  20. I suspect that a common security problem I see in browsers may have played a role here. A browser can be logged in to two different sites at the same time. However, under some circumstances, leakage of information can take place between them. It's actually commonly done to allow, for example the posting of the URL of a new blog to your twitter account. Or for Linkedin to gather a list of your Gmail contacts and suggest linking to them.

    I see you are referencing a blog hosted by WordPress.COM and blog hosted elsewhere using the WordPress software that is supported over at WordPress.ORG. If you were ever logged in on both sites at the same time, even once in the past, some saved information may have leaked. I cannot say for sure that this actually happened for you, but I know there are cases elsewhere like this in other matters.

    The extreme step to avoid this, if it is the cause, is to be sure you fully log out of the site you are leaving, refresh its page to be sure it is now asking you to login, flush your cache for certainty, and exit the browser (don't just close the window, go to File>>Quit). Then start the browser fresh, and log in to the other one. There are other ways but they are too geekish to post here.

  21. allaboutravelokc

    It was the JETPACK. I disconnected it from cellblocknation and it no longer shows up on my work blogs. The problem is now my website is not as user friendly. That's a HUGE glitch in the JETPACK program. I want to be able to post videos, have share options as well as the other things it offers. Unfortunately, it is not set up to handle such a thing. It has nothing to do with being logged into both at once. It is a HUGE glitch in JETPACK that is not user friendly. Looking for other options now other than WordPress since it is UNABLE to support what I need to accomplish for my personal website as well as for my Work blog.

  22. You used your API to get the Jetpack code working, that's the issue. You need to create a totally new ID and get the API that way and then install Jetpack from a different identity.

  23. allaboutravelokc

    Okay, I partially get what you are talking about. Thanks. Do you mind sharing something with me that shows me how to do this? Because I feel I have. I created the Travel blogs from work and with new sign in and pswd. Then when I did the website they have (iPower) has a WordPress feature that you just download and I did on my laptop, something I don't even use at work. So if you can help me with this or direct me in the right direction that would be helpful. I was on the phone with iPower for over an hour and they were clueless. They couldn't help me. So if the people who run or are the technical people can't help me figure it out then I am stuck. Because it's all of your programs (WordPress/iPower)

  24. Read through this. It looks like you'll have to contact staff at Jetpack to get a new API.

  25. @allaboutravelokc

    @rain is correct the link you provided leads to a non blog blogs say at the bottom the following which your site has
    Proudly powered by WordPress Install WordPress blogs have at the bottom
    Blog at Theme: name

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