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"Linked" categories and tags

  1. I prefer the look of lowercase entries in my tag cloud, but uppercase (for the first letter) in my category tree. The problem is that when I have identically spelled tags and categories (e.g. music and Music), and I change the capitalization of one, the other changes as well. Is there a way around this?


  2. That depends on your blog. Can we have a link to it, starting with http? Or better yet just link your name to your blog following these instructions:

  3. OK, I've linked my name, and here's my blog URL:

    I'm not sure how much help that's going to be since I just started building it yesterday! ;-)

    As an example, I have a category called "Music" and would like to apply a "music" tag to my new post. The tag is automatically capitalized to match the corresponding category. Editing it to lowercase by managing the tags seems to affect the category as well and both end up being lowercase. As far as I know, this works both ways.

  4. Thanks. We need to look at the blog to make sure you're in the right forum, just for a start. And yes, you are.

    I could have sworn that it was theme dependent, but perhaps not. I don't believe it used to work that way; try switching themes and seeing if that allows you to change it. But do copy out all the contents of your text widgets before makgin the switch; some people report they lose them!

  5. I'm familiar with that, and I don't think it's theme dependent: it's because categories and tags are actually the same pool of data. So you should avoid doing what you describe. And if you change the capitalizion of a category you may end up with conflicts (e.g. one version under your post and another in your sidebar, because the permalink of the category hasn't changed): when you want that change, it's safer to delete the category and re-create it.

  6. OK, here's what I did (to a different blog with the "default" theme):

    1. Created a new category "Test".
    2. Posted under that category and tagged as "test".
    3. Upon reloading blog, tag is immediately renamed to "Test"
    4. Manually renamed tag back to "test" and category automatically follows suite.
    etc etc etc....

    Another thing is that the listed tag under the post still says "Tag:Test" (capitalized) regardless.

    So, it does seem to be dependent on the underlying system rather than the theme used.
    Is it a bug, or is there some logic behind this madness? :-)

  7. panaghiotisadam,

    So, I should just let the tags be automatically capitalized if they have matching categories?

    Do most people simply leave their categories uncapitalized (or their tags capitalized), then?

  8. I don't know what most people do, and capital or no capital is not something important (same thing for the search engines). You can have them anyway you like - I just think it's best not to let the discrepancy exist.

    Personally, however, I don't like the idea of having tags identical to categories. Categories are the main sub-groups of your posts, while tags should be, let's say, more detailed: key-words characteristic to the specific content of a particular post. Besides, categories and tags are exactly the same for search engines, so there's really no point in marking a post with the same word as both a category and a tag.

  9. I completely agree with your thoughts about the distinction between tags and categories. That was my initial assumption, but I guess it doesn't work that way here on WordPress.

    I'm not looking at this from the point of search engines, but for my own convenience (so I don't have to remember which is a category and which a tag) and to make it easier for users to sift through content. If I posted a guitar video, for example, it doesn't seem very sensible to *not* be able to add the "music" tag just because it's already under the "Music" category. Of course, I'm being particular about capitalization, but you get my point (I hope) ;-)

  10. - No, it does work that way in WP! That's why you have both categories and tags: so you can let them function in two different ways (e.g. category: "music"; tags for a post: "alternative", Nick Cave", "new albums", whatever - anything MORE SPECIFIC that the general category).

    - If you use both the categories or category cloud widget AND the tag cloud, then on the contrary it IS very sensible not to use the same word in both: if you do, you end up with redundancies such as the one you have in your sidebar right now: users don't need the same word or phrase twice in the sidebar to sift through content.

  11. hmmmm....good point. I hadn't thought about it that way. Thanks a lot for the help and points of view!

  12. I discovered the same issue while trying to identify the best way to categorize or tag the posts.

    Here's the problem as I see it:

    There are limitations on the number of tags you can show on your widget, but it is very easy to tag when you're creating a blog post. You can just type few words and type-ahead characters show up.

    There are no restrictions on the number of categories to show in the widget, but it is not easy to select the previously made categories (if you have a lot). The category box where you check the categories is way too small and it is at the bottom.

    I think the scheme should be flipped. Or, the limitation from the tags (in widget) should be removed. If there are more tags (sub keywords of the main category) then the limitation should technically be on the category and not tags.

    What others think here?

  13. Well, whether you have a cloud or not (like me) this is all very bugged. I have categories and tags mostly in Russian. If the names coincide, then tags appear capitalised. And it all started with automatic capitalisation of categories' names some time ago. I got an answer here in forums that the user cannot possibly change this.

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