linked images now don’t work

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    When I first started w/ wordpress in April, I uploaded some images and had them linked so when you clicked on the image, it took you to a new page w/ a caption I wrote about the picture (sorry for not using the technical jargon here) and now with the new theme I chose the other day, I notice some of the pics are unclickable and don’t take you to the caption. Is it the theme I have or something else? BTW, I have Andreas 09 1.5 thanks.



    How about a link to an example please? :)

    An aside since I just tool a lok at your site. Here‘s the instructions on how to do a YouTube video. I see that you’re just linking to them. You can display them in your blog if you want to.


    Now it is clickable but when you get to the page, title is way at the top, caption appears way at the bottom but I can’t see any picture. Similar to the permalink posts of earlier I know but before it wouldn’t let me click on the picture at all.

    Thank you for all the help you provide and the advice on youtube.




    Just to recap here since this threw me for a loop, this is a picture included in this post. Betsy has it setup so that when you click on the thumbnail within the Post, it sends you to a page with the picture in there.

    I see it’s broken in IE 6.0.2900 but works on Netscape 7.2. Someone else reported this earlier and it was mentioned that Donncha fixed the issue. Let me send in a Feedback and point this thread out. I do see both the picture and the caption though in both browsers.



    I see it perfectly both caption and picture in firefox.


    Sorry that it threw you for a loop but yes you have it right on what the problem is…thanks for sending it to feedback :)



    I just like to have people see my train of thought. Even though you don’t see a lot of people here posting, there’s a lot of folks readign these forums. I just wanted to be clear to everyone what was going on. I’m big on example as well.

    I still see that it’s broken. Podz is in England so he’s on that time. Not sure where Donncha and Andrew are located. I’m sure someone will get to this soon though. They’re pretty good about stuff like this.

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