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    A new thing is happening that I DO NOT WANT. Some words come up as a link to some kind of advertising. How do I turn this off? PLEASE? LIke in my latest post, the word “curves” is underlined, and comes up as a weight loss ad. If I need to move to to not have this happen, I will. I find it offensive.
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    Others who had this same issue found it was caused by a browser add-on or extention. Please deactivate all browser add-ons and extentions, run a full computer scan, and then log into your blog again without activating any browser add-ons or extensions and see if the links disappear or not.
    This may also be related


    Timethief, I am so grateful! It was an add on called Zemanta 1, which I never asked for and which I have not removed. Thank you!



    You’re welcome. :)



    I would also like to say thank you, timethief! I had the same problem, and the link you sent showed me exactly how to fix it. Much appreciated!



    How nice of you to return and let me know that. I appreciate it. Happy blogging. :)



    Yet more super advice. Many thanks TT.



    Hi! Just checking in. :)
    If Zemanta somehow caused for links to be “automatically” inserted, then there must be a bug of some kind. Zemanta cant ever insert links on it’s own — we only give the user suggestions for useful links.
    If anything else is happening, we’d love to know so we can fix this. :)

    Rok from Zemanta


    yes, the links were automatically inserted, without my permission. I will never want this service, not even suggestions for possible links. I find it intrusive.

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