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  1. I am new here, but I am trying to put in a link exactly like it is on the original site. I can paste it to the post page, but it disapears everytime. It does have small pictures in it. Is that why?

  2. Please provide more information. The original site would be where? (What's the url?) Images from elsewhere must be uploaded to wp servers to display on your blog at

  3. The original site is It is one of their affiliate marketing links.

  4. Amazon affiliate marketing links are not allowed on blogs. blogs are non-commercial free blogs. They are different from blogs and different rules apply to them. In a nutshell the answer to your question is "no" we cannot advertise on our blogs here for Amazon, etc. and if we try to do so anyway we risk having our blogs deleted.
    There is an exception but unless you intend to attempt to qualify and pay for a VIP blog along with other very notable bloggers like Robert Scoble, etc. I'm afraid that is your answer.
    If you wish you can confirm this advertising restriction and the only exceptions to it by reading the FAQs blog search box response and by reading this thread from the official blog.
    However, do not despair for if you wish to have a commercial blog and monetize it then your desire can be accommodated here. That's where you can either download a free blog template that you self host or you can hire a web host to do this for you. There's a pink sticky post "please read me first before posting" at the head of the forum you may wish to consult as it clarifies the differences between and

  5. A single affliate link is allowed if placed on the sidebar. Multiple affliate links or feeds with multiple items are not allowed. (Note that there is some leeway to that statement for something like a CD review site with fully (ie 2k words) written reviews.)

    It might help us help you if you told us specifically what you were doing with your blog as well as listed the code that you were trying to put in.

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