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  1. how do I link my site using my url to my money site

    The blog I need help with is

  2. in word press

    type the url

    then click link

    and when it asks for the url

    put in the url
    how do i do this??? I want to use my url as my anchor text???
    thank you

  3. 'money site'?

    What does that mean?

  4. i have a site in
    and i was told instead of linking keywords to my site
    to link my url back to my site
    i was told- in word press type in url, then click link, when it ask for the url put in the url
    but I don't understand how to do this...

  5. I want to link from my site word press. com
    using the url
    to my site at word press . org
    but I don't know how to do it....

  6. Have you gone through yet?

  7. yes i have and i still don't understand how to do what i've asked you
    so could you please explain it to me
    thank you

  8. What is the URL of your "money site?"

  9. If you are referring to

    What you are doing is not very good - that will mess up your search engine results by having things on two sites and neither one will come up all that well - just add your "blog" articles to your existing WordPress.ORG install - then it will look bigger to search engines -

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