Linking a Child to A Parent Page?!

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    Hi I’m new and have been looking through the forums and faq’s about categories and haven’t found a simple answer (which surely exists) to this problem:

    I want a parent page to link directly to a subordinate page (like a hyperlink would take you to an external site, I hope to link to a subordinate wordpress page that I create on my blog; ie Gallery (parent), Photos (subordinate). I am unfamiliar with code and using the emire presentation,

    Thanks for your help



    Firstly your url does not contain “www”. If it did then many people using the net and some search engines would not connect to it. This is the correct url for your blog

    When creating any page you have the options to assign it to a hierarchical structure click -> on + sign on Page and a drop down will appear.

    Next you can configure your pages widget to display in your sidebar. -> Presentation -> Widgets
    find the Page widget and drag it out of the Available Widgets box into the Sidebar box
    click on the blue and white icon to open it
    Page title
    Menu order
    Page ID
    check the one you want and click on the X to close the widget
    click “Save Changes”



    nod to TT

    You can manually put links to the child pages on the parent page, like i have done here:

    Make the links using the visual editor with these instructions:

    Make the links with the code editor by using this code (with your own info):
    <a href="">CHILD PAGE</a>

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