Linking a new blog to my old one

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    I have quite a successful blog at the moment and I want to start another one. How do I link my new one (that I’m planning) to my currant one to kind of advertise it and gain viewers from it?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. When you say “link my new one to my current one”, do you mean simply placing a link? What kind of link do you have in mind? Please be specific, as it will help us volunteers give you a tailored answer rather than giving all the possibilities.


    Thanxs for your reply airodyssey.

    Not sure what I want really hahaha, I want to advertise my new blog on my old one and I’m not really sure how that works. Basically what I’m after is putting some kind of link (for the new blog) on the old one for people and see my new blog.


    Oh also what kind of links are there?



    It won’t work well ,but you can try. Put a text widget in your sidebar with an image and a catchy “click to see my other,stupendous blog” line, and a link to the new blog. Then write a blog post about the new blog.


    Ok thanxs

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