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Linking a picture to a page.

  1. Right now, I have a few pictures in my sidebars. They are in thumbnail size and can be clicked to reveal the larger picture. Instead, I would like to link them so they direct to my 'about' page. I did some searches and didn't find anything, but maybe I'm not using the right lingo for the searches..hehe. Is there a way to accomplish this? Thank you-es ;)

  2. This is the url for your About page
    This is the format you use:

    Edit: I'm having trouble posting the code format but devblog has done so for your below.

  3. You just want them to link to your about page, not to the large version on the about page, right?

    If the former then on every picture you want to link to your about page do this:

    <a href="" Title="Whatever you wanna write here (i.e. About)"><img src="" border="0" alt="name of img" /></a>

    I used the first thumbnail as an example. You can take it from there.


    TT, you're too fast!

  4. @devblog
    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... Why did your code post properly when mine didn't? I used backtics.

  5. $10 and I'll tell you.

    What happens is that when you write the http:// part, it gets parsed as a link, so what I do is replace the 2 forward slashes with their ASCII code like so:


    So when the string is parsed by the code, it's treated as a 'normal' text and it's displayed as such.

  6. Thanks I've noted this for future reference. :)

  7. thanks..i'm off to try now. :)

  8. woot! it worked. I wish I could hand out some of the cookies I just baked to say thanks..hehehe.

    -nibbles a white chocolate chip cookie-

  9. Sure thing. Enjoy your cookies.

  10. Sob :( ... how cruel. Now I'll want a white chocolate chip cookie all day long. ;)

  11. These are the devblog's business ;)

  12. These are the devblog's business ;)

    I know.
    I must have white chocolate cookies {breathing heavily, looking for wallet and preparing to head to the bakery}. ;)

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