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linking another site

  1. I've used a pic from a professional photographer as today's header pic and would like link it to his site using a widget (click through) other than the standard blog roll widget - I've tried the text widget but all I get is text -

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you tried creating an HTML link in your text widget? The standard format for links is as follows:<a href="the-website-you're-linking-to" title="the-title">Link Text</a>

  3. tried that micah by just copying and pasting the site address - but all I get in the widget is the address text, not the actual link

  4. @peterbowes
    You can use an image widget or a link in a text widget. IMO the image widget is the best choice.

  5. Let's try that again: <a title="the-title" href="the-website-you're-linking-to">Link Text</a>

  6. What I would do is create a thumbnail and place it in an image widget.
    If you don't want to do that then use the text widget.
    <a href="URL HERE">Highlighted anchor text here</a>

  7. Sorry Peter, I keep formatting my code wrong. What you're seeing is not the actual code.

    Go ahead and use timethief's links she gave.

  8. timethief, you are pretty damn good - thanks muchly, it woiks !!

  9. Hi again Peter,
    Of course I am and of course it does ... lol :D

  10. Thanks for the help, timethief! How embarrasing :\

  11. Not to worry. We all have wwird days and I tend to have more than most. When frustrated remember to laugh, as it releases endorphins we all desperately need more of.

  12. Did you note the deliberate spelling error of weird? lol :D

  13. been known to have a few ' wired ' days myself ..

  14. We all do and here it is Wednesday so I'm not surprised. ;)

  15. Haha, thanks for understanding!

  16. You're welcome.

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