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    I’ve got a few blogs that all tie up to my primary blog
    If you go to the page ‘what’s happening in..’, you’ll see four options. A click on any of these options will be take you to another one of my blogs.

    However, once this happens and you naviagte around those blogs it’s hard to come back to the home page of the primary blog so I’m trying to create a link straight back to the on the brussels site. Supposedly I have and it should be visible. But I can’t see it anywhere.

    Is this becasue of the Brussels theme? Or have I done something wrong. Maybe you can suggest another method to achieve what I’m looking for?

    Also while I’m on this – how do I change the name of the blog? The Brussels one is still called myblog.


    The blog I need help with is



    Here at we can only use the themes we find at this location > Appearance > Themes
    We do not have a “Brussels” theme. Could you please post the URLs so we can click through and see exactly what you mean?



    I’m visually challenged and clickable URLs are far easier to deal with than text. I I did find the blog in question where you said

    (1) You can place link in a text widget in the sidebar of the blog directly to the primary blog. If you wish you van use a linked image. If not you can use a text link.

    (2) Change of blog title is done here > Settings > General
    chnage the title and tagline if you wish and then click “Save Changes”.

    I don’t know why the link you created is not visible. Check your drafts and your trash as you may find it there.


    Thanks for the reply.

    I’ve managed to put links to all my blogs by applying the link widget to the sidebar.
    I want to order these though. By ordering them according by link ID I get the order I want, ie. Our Main Homepage, Our Paris Homepage, etc.
    I click on the apply button, but when I visit the site, the order is still the same.

    Anything you can suggest?



    The Links widget does not allow for configuration by ID numbers

    The widget displays links alphabetically by Category and alphabetically within categories. I believe the only way you could change that order of display would be to insert numerical values into the link titles 1, 2, 3, etc. Have you tried that?


    Also, is there any way of copying a bunch of links from one dashboard onto another?


    One more question.

    There’s a Home Page and an About Page. But they are the same thing.
    Can I delete the homepage, without loosing info?


    The 1,2,3 in the link titles work!
    Thanks very much. Looks much better


    Sorry another two questions:
    on I have a top post widget. I was expecting some kind of ranking functionality so readers could vote a post to the top. There is nothing of this kind. How does it work?

    Also, I have 3 pages referring to months.
    I would like to create a page for arts, cafes, and music, but not under the Title months. How can I do this?

    Thanks for all your help.



    You can normally just copy/paste as long as you’re using a visual editor. Be sure to check the code after the paste, however, to make sure all your tags are closed.

    Here is the solution for two identical pages:
    (note the Support documents will have most answers to most questions)

    The top post widget is broken at the moment. Just take it out for now.

    Do not create static pages. Just make blog posts and use Categories for those, and put the categories widget in the sidebar. You will ultimately hurt yourself trying to do it as static pages.

    You also don’t need to make Month pages; just put the Archives widget in the sidebar and it does that automatically.



    The reason your Home Page and About Page appear to be the same thing to you is because you don’t have any posts. You are not using a blog the conventional way a blog is meant to be used. They actually are two s=eparate pages.

    View the URL’s to understand what I mean.

    You cannot delete the Home page link in the top navigation. You can copy and paste all the stuff you have on the About page into a post and make it a sticky post if you wish and then delete the About page.



    I’m backing out and letting raincoaster help you from here on out. I need a break! lol :D


    Hi there.

    Can someone explain why the pages on appear the way they do. It’s not alphabetical. Is is something to do with the theme?
    It can’t be chronological as I only added the competition page fairly recently?
    Any way of changing to make it more neat?



    Have you used the numbering function for the static Pages? See here >

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