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    I have a question, say I have three blogs (1, 2, and 3). Is there a way I can link the blogs together so that whatever I post on blog1 and blog2 are automatically posted onto blog3? I this makes sense, I’m new to WordPress so I don’t quite understand all the features yet.



    No there isn’t, except, of course, copying and pasting. does not provide any tools you can use because they are the feavroed tools of content thieving sploggers. Sploggers post duplicate crappola everyhwre they can on any blog that will bring them adsense pennies and I report eevry one I find.

    The salient point is why on earth would you want to do this? Google’s Panda alogrithm will detect duplicate content and puke your posts down – down – down the rabbit hole?

    I think you need to read what Google’s position on duplicate content is



    Well, the point was for say, we had a company. Each of our workers have our own blog and we post our own ideas etc. The main blog would link all our blogs to the company blog. This way, you can read everything by going to the company blog, or just follow one individual person from that company.

    Granted, I’ve been looking into using MU and it seems that’s the closest that I will get to what I’m trying to achieve.



    It can be done here, but not combining separate blogs. It would be one blog with several contributors.

    If you actually made a blog that scraped three other blogs for content, Google would throw all of them down a deep, dark well. It’s not worth it.

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