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    I’d like change my “Reading settings” and set “Front page displays” to “A static page” and put this page there:

    I’d like that page to be an entry point to the blog and link from it to the latest posts. What would be the right URL for that?

    The blog I need help with is



    Oops, the title should have been “linking from a static front page to latest posts”.


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    The URL of the front (home) page would be:
    It won’t matter if that page is for your posts or for your static home page.

    Here is how to make a static front page:

    If you have a static front page, then you have to assign another page to be your posts page.



    Hmm, creating an empty page for the posts is quite a weird hack, but it seems to do the job.



    By default the posts only appear on the main blog page. If you set a static page as the main page, where would the posts go? This way you can actually name that page whatever you want. If wordpress automatically created a page, you would not have that option.



    Does this work with the photo-blog style theme too? I tried it, don’t think it worked… so I removed it. I would like a full sizish image as the first page you see, which one would have to click to actually “enter” my photo posts and see other pages n such.


    Monotone has some severe limitations, but this blog post by panos has a workaround for using a static page with monotone: .

    The static front page could have an image link on it that takes you to the main blog page (post page) where they could then view the photos.



    Your awesome! Thank you! I’ll give it a test run. Appreciate it!



    Hmm, I checked your link.

    It didn’t really help me with what I wanted. I don’t want any links, catagories, tags, nothin visible at all on the “static” or what I’m calling, the “enter” page. Just the photo as a link…

    That post on the ‘remarks on monotone’ only stated that’s it is doable. Than gave a link to the first instructions I had followed previously where I found it didn’t work properly. It was pretty easy instructions too and I double checked, didn’t mess up. It just looked like a post… With tags, catagories, archive, about, all of that stuff still visable, and the image did not link to the “posts” which just became invisable… The post’s didn’t show at all anywhere… Hmm… I need more help. I hope you don’t mind… I’d really like to expirement with this.


    That is all we have. To do what you want, you would have to have a good knowledge of PHP scripting and more importantly, access to the underlying theme files – which we do not have on this multi-user platform. We all share the same underlying files.

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