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    Alright this may sound crazy and or complicated so let me know if it does. I have a main page with posts that we categorize, I also have sub pages for the individual sports section like basketball, football and we re-post the posts on those sub pages also. Is there a way to in the Permalink or another forwarding method to forward that sub basketball page to the category basketball page? It’s not a big deal to repost but if it can automatically update after I categorize something it would be less time consuming.

    Is this to confusing? I barely understand what I wrote but it’s easier to show then talk about it. Is it possible to do this or no?


    The blog I need help with is



    No there is no automatic way to post a blog post to a static Page. Static Pages are meant to be for content that rarely, if ever, changes. They can only be altered by editing them They cannot be assigned either categories or tags. They lack the Google juice that posts have. Also creating duplicate content is not desirable thing to do. It dilutes the link juice you already have to the post.

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