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    On most posts I have an image on the main page with some preview of the post and you have to click on “continue reading” to see the rest. But if you click on the image, it just takes you to the direct image link.

    I would like to have the image link to the rest of the post. I know I can just highlight the photo and link it to the post url while writing the post, but I only want this to work when you are on the main page. When you are inside the post, I want clicking on the image to take you to the image url, instead of refreshing the post again. Is there any way to do this? hope I explained it well.


    The blog I need help with is


    When you insert the image, you have to put the URL of the post into the “link URL” field. What you have to do though is to publish the post and then edit it and put in the final URL of the post. Alternately you can click the “get short link button below the title in the post editor and then use that in the “link URL” field.



    thanks! that works but is there a way to have it link to the picture once you are inside the post already? I only want the link-to-post to work on the homepage, if that makes sense.


    No, the picture will only link to one place, and there isn’t anything that can be done though CSS. CSS is only a styling document that the browser uses to style and place the different elements in your site. It cannot be used to add functionality such as this.



    ok I understand, too bad. thanks for your help!


    You are welcome.

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