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    When using third party photos for illustration purposes (with permission), I would like to be able to link to their website in the image url link when I include the phot in a gallery.
    No matter what I try, the image just defaults back to linking to my blog, no matter how many times I save. Is there a way to do this?
    Using a direct URL is not an option, I need to see the image on my blog.
    Here’s the test page – the third photo is the one that should link to an external site.
    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


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    We volunteers can’t see a post that is not yet published.

    No mind.

    When you insert the image into your post (or page), you should insert the URL of the photographer’s site on the line called “Link URL” (not the link to the image)

    Image URL
    Title (You could put the photographer’s name here)
    Alternate Text
    Alt text for the image, e.g. “The Mona Lisa”

    Link URL (link to artist’s site, not a link to the image)

    None File URL Post URL (ignore this line)
    Enter a link URL or click above for presets.
    None Left Center Right


    Hi Tess,
    sorry, the page didn’t post in my first post.
    the last photo in the gallery is to be linking elsewhere.
    I am changing Link URL in the Gallery Image properties. I change it, do “save all”
    and it reverts back to which is the image URL.
    The three buttons under the Link URL are “none” “File URL” and “Post URL”.
    I’ve tried saving it using the “None” which clears the link line, but no go. It still reverts back after saving.



    When you use a Gallery to insert photos, the only two options for linking are either the original image or the image attachment page. The present Gallery feature will not accept any other link regardless of what you try to put in the link section of the image in the Image Uploader or Media Library.

    Optionally, you can include the external link in the photo’s description, but you will have to write it as HTML<a href="http://thelinkyouwanttoinsert">Your Link</a>

    Since you are talking about only three images, you could also use an HTML table instead.



    Here’s another suggestion using inline CSS rather than an HTML table

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