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Linking In WordPress Dot Com

  1. My simple add a link feature has been replaced by one that isn't simple. It's just making a link. Why, why, why do you folks - your track record for this blogger has been super good so far - have to do this?!!!

    I should be able to play with this for only a short period of time before figuring it out. And I see nothing here to enlighten me. There may be discussion of the tweak, but I'll have to hit on the right search parameter I guess in order to find it.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Are you referring to the change that took place months ago?

  3. No. I blog regularly and only had a problem for the first time today and only saw this new link thing today. But I will investigate your link and report back.

  4. I'm using WP dot com and the linking that I can't do with this new link feature has to do with external links. That's where I mention, for example, a coffee shop and then hit the link button which allows me to paste the url. I then place the cursor at the end of whatever text I want to include as the link and finish the link with that / character. I have experimented with the new link feature, to no avail. I've managed to turn my text into red text that looks like a link, but isn't. Now, It's remotely possible that something else has caused failure here, so I'll try again. That would be the kind of luck I have. I'll play around with this, again, and report back. I surely didn't land in a parallel universe where that feature was never implemented but all the crappy stuff in my life remains!

  5. I'm good. I just had a glitch doing it the right way the first time. So I figured 'that' wasn't the way. I just now re-tried simply highlighting the text I wanted to turn into a link, which, indeed, is intuitive (and what I expect from the uber sophisticated folks constantly improving this wonderful software), and voila!

    Thanks anyway. Later...

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