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    My blog contains a large number of recipes. I’ve tried in the Categories to include index words by type of ingredients, etc., but I would like to create an index page, or something like that, which will lead people directly to the recipes themselves — similar to the internal page links I used to be able to create on other Web sites I’ve worked with.

    So, say I have a recipe for Coctel de Camarones (Mexican Shrimp Cocktail), which is in the post “What’s True about Mexico.” Clicking on “shellfish” in the category section in the sidebar brings up the “What’s True about Mexico” post at — what I want to do is create a link from an index page listing Coctel de Camarones DIRECTLY to the recipe, so people don’t have to scroll down a bunch of posts.

    Can I do this, or do I just create an index page page listing the recipes with a link to the post?





    You do have the “recipe” category available in your Categories widget on your sidebar. If you attach this category to all posts that contain recipes, this seem like it would work. If users select the recipes category, they will be able to view all such posts.

    Otherwise, I would say yes – create a new page called “Recipes” and continue adding the appropriate links.



    I would create an index page of recipes. You are going to have to do it manually but it’s really not that hard. Just write a new page and manually input the links to the recipes.

    (BTW – you can hide that Google verification page from your page widget by editing the widget and excluding the page ID. Use this FAQ to locate the page ID )



    Yes, you can create an index page with links to listing all the posts. You can’t link to a certain point within the post though. If you’ve got several recipes in the same post, then your readers will have to scroll through the post to find them.



    This is all so helpful! I hope someday to be able to answer others’ questions, too. Still have a learning curve looming here.

    Thank you.




    I’ll add one other thing: even though the category “recipe” will suffice for pulling up any post in that category, I think an index page is even better. The category page will pull the posts by date, whereas with an index page, you can put it in a different order, like alphabetical. I use an index page for my category, The Pulpit Speaks, which are 50-year old columns of my father’s that I don’t post chronologically. My index page (which I hide from my pages widget) shows them in the correct order.



    I’ve created an index, entirely manually. Once the hard work of getting caught up was done, it’s been quite easy to just add the recipes of the day’s blog.

    Thanks for the help and cheer!



    Hi, cbertel, and others.

    This was exactly what I needed to clarify my questions about indexing. I’m writing a book online, and I would like to be able visitors to be able to click directly to a specific excerpt of a chapter without having to scroll down to find it, just like the recipe example above. See

    I couldn’t figure out any way to do this, and this discussion confirms that one just can’t do that in WordPress. It appears that a link must be to a whole page or document.

    This is not a problem for a true blog, but it is very limiting for a blog/website, since many popular websites use this kind of link to a specific passage, often on the same page. It’s a very convenient way to have a long page which navigates easily with an table of contents, often on the same page. Otherwise one has to split the page into small clickable pages.

    I hope WordPress will see this and consider adding this very standard feature in a future version.

    Meanwhile, I love your cooking site and am passing it on to my wife! (I’m the dishwasher.)

    Thanks to all of you.

    Bob Weisenberg


    @reweis: No, this discussion does not confirm your impression, because it’s not related to what you want; what you want is anchor links, and it’s perfectly possible in wp (wp calls it page-jumps). See here:
    If you need any further help with that, let us know.



    Thanks for your reply. I lost track of this thread so I didn’t see it until now.

    This if very helpful.

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