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    When I did a test post on this forum (test your avatar), my name was linked correctly to my main ( website. This is the site I have added to my profile. But on the same profile there is also a “primary blog”, which I cannot change, pointing to

    When I left a comment on someone’s blog (from Blogger) – thinking it would do the same as in the test post – it linked to this blog. I don’t want that. I want my main website to be my link in OpenID.

    Is this possible? Can I change the “primary” blog?

    Do I have to sign up with MyOpenID and set up another account and use the code in the header of my blog?
    Or can I change that code to point to the ID server, since is a provider?

    Hoping that someone has the answer to this… Thanks!



    Your primary blog cannot point to a website. (The purpose of that field is to allow you to choose when you have multiple blogs.)

    If you use your wordpress.COM open ID, it is going to point to your blog. That’s what I get from reading the FAQ

    Can you set up another OpenID account with your website as the ID? I have no idea. I guess you’d need to check that out with the folks at OpenID.

    BTW – having your website in your user name instead of your blog doesn’t help volunteers in the forums help you ;)




    thank you for the reply. I have set up an account with myOpenID, so I can use that for leaving comments on other blogs.

    About having my main blog in my username, it happened automatically, when I entered it in my profile. I understand what you mean, and I shall change it back to the other one, when I need help with it! :-)

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