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    First, I am the guy you (wordpress) is looking for. I cannot be bothered with technical details. I let you log me in to your sites. You can rape and pillage all my private data. I do everything that’s important by cash & carry. And my Internet is basically Yahoo eMail. I got nothing of interest on the web and appreciate the help from your marketing research department in automating me through your hoops. I like the YES button.

    But you fail. I do not see the YES button for this.

    I created a blog for my group but that’s dead. Someone else much more technical than I created a better one for us. And I am using it. When I want people to see me from the comments I make, I would like to send them to the blog where I participate rather than the one that’s dead. I have one subscriber to my dead blog, which I assume might be frustrating for them.

    This is where I participate:

    This is my dead blog:

    How do I/we fix this? How can I connect the blog where I participate to my profile? (Notice) I do not get this choice even in this topic! Is there a way to connect my profile to the blog where I participate so that I do NOT lose my comments written to other blog on my profile? How do I trackback?

    I have short term memory problems so if you write as clearly as though you were writing a shopping list, I would appreciqate it. No jargon and no TLDR please.


    The blog I need help with is



    What is the question?


    How do I/we fix this? How can I connect the blog where I participate to my profile?

    Is there a way to connect my profile to the blog where I participate so that I do NOT lose my comments written to other blog on my profile? How do I trackback?


    So what does this do? I have only one blog showing. No options.

    But does not end in So this “ Blog/Site Address Change” ain’t gonna work.

    I wish I could use English here but it appears that the vocabulary I have is not sufficient for getting done what I want to do.

    I want to have my identity point to the blog I am active on.
    I want to drive traffic to the blog I am active on.
    (I do not want to dump my blog on

    No one seems to be able to help.




    Can anyone provide the answer?


    Is it really this hopeless?
    I cannot have a profile that points to my blog. WTF?



    I do not understand exactly what you want to do so please do not shoot the messenger if my guessing is not correct.

    When we register a username account we provide an email address and that becomes our unique indntifier at When we are logged in and register blogs all blogs we register are registered under that username and associated email address. We can link our username to the blog we declare as our primary blog.

    It’s very easy to do. Here’s how to link your username to your blog in your blog Dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to Account Details. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Primary Blog‘ select the URL for your primary blog and then “save changes”. Then every time you sign into the forum we can all click on your username and your blog will be linked to it. And every time you leave a comment on any blog your username can be likewise clicked and your blog can be instantly located.



    Also note that we can transfer a blog from one username account to another username account using this process >


    Thank you. Far from shooting a messenger, I am glad anyone jumped on this.

    Your instructions are clear. But I do not have a secondary Blog attached to my profile. I can choose (only) my primary blog. I have no hoice in the drop down menu. BUT YES, you have given me the place I need to go when I get a secondary Blog choice.

    Now, how do I get a secondary Blog choice?

    I want to make the blog attached to my name CreativeCowboy the same as is attached to your name timethief.

    AND A BIG THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING ME. How many users are on WordPress anyway? This company does not answer their Twitters either.

    Big relief to me that you are helping me timethief.


    um, okay now I feel stupid. Nice to work with a product that makes me feel like a loser.

    In my own defense, the change did not immediately appear.

    So thanks timethief. +1
    You gave me the answer. Have yourself a very great post-Saint Patrick’s Day (with enough luck to last until next March).


    Hello Again…

    I may as well continue here. The first part was answered so I am hoping timethief will return. Seems to be the only helpful person here.

    I created/registered with the Blog
    I do not use it. I may never use it.

    Someone else – a friend of mine – registered another Blog

    I use my friend’s blog. I have some administration rights on this blog. Basically it is a dual effort between he and I but he created it. (Sadly we created the blogs separately at the same time -1 for synchronicity in lack of co-ordination. SO we end up with two blogs, confusing our potential readers. Huzzah! I am working to stop that confusion. I hope I am clear here because understanding this with let you empathize with what I am trying to accomplish even if I do not speak like a programmer. I do English.

    Also I do not want to lose the blog I own (

    The blog I own is the only blog showing as PRIMARY blog
    [Dashboard] >> My Profile top right next to my icon >> Manage My Blogs

    I do not have the option to add/register a secondary blog – which I would like to be this address:

    IF I COULD DO THAT…. I would be able to make it my primary Blog.

    The cute part is that the [register a new blog] is actually create a new blog. So while I want to register a secondary blog to my list I do not want to create a new blog. (cf. programming language is not English)

    So – now stuck for a language to communicate – how can I register my friend’s blog on my profilet? Can I only register a secondary blog in “manage my blog” if I created (programming “registered”) it? Somehow I believe I CAN have a blog on my profile where I have administrative rights and I am a contributor.

    But maybe someone will come by and help or, if I am unclear, dialogue with me. I would like to get this cleared up.


    Member is not a WordPress.COM blog; it is a WordPress.ORG blog and thus completely outside the system. It will not show up on your dashboard for your account here, ever.


    Notice that my blog is a wordpress address and my friend’s blog is on his own site. You can see that from the address but I thought I would pull your attention to that in case it actually makes a difference.


    So what can I do. I had no idea we were using two different companies.



    You can go to and change the website that your name links to there, but it won’t be retroactive.


    Ok. So I will change it.

    I get this.

    It looks like you don’t have the XML-RPC API enabled in WordPress, or perhaps the website located at isn’t powered by WordPress. Please log into your WordPress admin panel, then go to Settings > Writing > Remote Publishing and check the box next to ‘Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols.’

    I do as it says. I get it again.


    That was at: Verified Services


    Maybe it is a programming language thing…

    I have a choice of what’s wrong:
    1 – XML-RPC API needs to be enabled or
    2 – the website is not powered by WordPress.

    So, since 1 is done…

    Is WordPress not the engine (powered – like a car, right) used by ?

    Does powered mean hosting?



    No, it has nothing to do with that. is a blog. It’s just a different type of WordPress. They are totally separate from WordPress.COM blogs.

    If you want to comment and have your name link to that blog, you have to change the link at, where your avatar is hosted. You MIGHT still be able to change it on your Dashboard under Users->My Profile, under “Website.” But if it’s not there, you have to change it at

    Those steps you are going through are irrelevant. They have nothing to do with this.

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