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Linking pages with domain upgrade .

  1. Hi, I want to go for a domain name upgarde. so if i have a blog as, then
    1. how will my url look like after the domain upgrade ?
    2. can i link more than 1 blog to the same domain.
    3. I have a website completely developed using flash, How will i link it ? or can i add those pages that is .swf files in wordpess pages ??

  2. 1 It depends what domain name you've chosen. You can pick,,,, etc, etc

    2 Not as far as I know; you'd have to import one blog into the other.

    3 You cannot add Flash to a blog, no matter WHAT the upgrades you purchase. You can link to it in your blogroll or in a text widget or, if you have a tabbed header, in a tab using the workaround for linking to external pages.

  3. Thanks...
    for 1. Imagine i want "". Then can i make the url look like\blogs ??

  4. You can add a page named 'Blog' and you can make this page your blog posts page if you use a static page as your front page.

  5. WordPress will not map to subdirectories such as You can however with a CNAME map a blog to a subdomain such as .

    Also, wordpress does not map to "WWW" so you cannot have www in your domain name.

  6. Thanks for all the replies .. :)

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