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    On my blog I have created a series of static pages that I am managing with categories. However the links from one page to another only work very erratically. When I view my blog while signed in to wordpress the site works perfectly but when viewed from other computers (mac and pac) many of the pages do not link and there is ‘content not found’ message. I have triple checked the urls in the links (both in linked to images and text) and they are correct. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.



    I had a look and the pages are loading fine for me. Maybe try refreshing your browser or clearing the cache? And I’m not not sure what you mean about managing static pages with categories; I don’t think you can assign categories to a page, only to a post.

    There is an ongoing issue with categories at the moment, though, so that might be the problem you’re having. Staff are working on it and it should hopefully be fixed soon.



    So the main subheadings — 1st tier of pages — of my site (About, Academic, Projects, Gallery, Support) link fine. It is links that appear on these pages that are problematic, only about half work when I check from computers other than my own. When I surf my page while logged in to wordpress all is fine.

    Examples of this problem are:
    *on the Academic page the ‘Espanol’ link does not work
    *on the Gallery page, once you enter Photos, the link to ‘Carnaval de Barranquilla’ (both image and text gives a not found message
    *on the Gallery page, once you enter Photos, the link to ‘South Bronx, NYC’ just reopens the Photos page
    *on the Gallery page, once you enter Impressions, the link to ‘Inaugural Freedom’ just opens the Impressions page
    *same thing on Gallery–>Impressions–>’Mozambique AIDS’
    and –>Gallery–>Impressions–>Walden Pond
    on the Projects page the Publicity link at the bottom just scrolls to the top of the page rather than linking to the Publicity page
    *on the Home page the Espanol link brings goes to the About page rather than the translation of the Home page

    As I’ve said all of these problems do not exist when surfing on my own computer, but are consistent when surfing from other computers. Thanks for any advise.

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