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Linking Posts to Google+

  1. Hi,

    I have my posts auto-publicized to FB & Twitter. But there's no option to publicize to my Google+ page. How can I do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You wrote :
    "The most attractive thing about Google Plus is the fact that the don't enable auto-posting. That's the only social network that I know of where one can read original content. I'm sick and tired of seeing the same content duplicated, triplicated, quadruplicated across multiple social networks appearing in the SERPs."

    I never thought about this, but now that I have, I agree. Thanks for the answer & the enlightenment, timethief : - >

  3. I'm an eccentric blogger and that is my strongly held opinion. ;) It's good to hear that you agree.

  4. You are not alone in that opinion. I've stated time and again FIRMLY that I unfollow autoposters. I don't need more spambots in my life, even if their owners are nice people.

    Remember, too, when you push the same content out on different platforms by robot, you take away any reason for people to connect with you on more than one platform.

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