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Linking to a Media Gallery Image

  1. I should've caught this in 2007, but here goes.

    If you scroll down in this post ( ), you'll find a link that says sebast.gif. As explained in the paragraph above it, it should link to a morbid pixel doll of St. Sebastian, complete with arrows and PG blood. I thought that I had the link going to the file in the media gallery, but instead it just sends you back to the post.

    Is it possible to put just a text link to a picture in the gallery? If yes, where did I go wrong. If not, what are my other options? It's PG, but it disturbed, me, the creator, and I don't want to inflict my morbidity on someone else without fair warning.


    AZ Dawn

  2. Yes, you can link to a picture in your media library. Locate the image, grab the URL and put it in like you would any other text link.

  3. It worked! Thanks, vivianpaige!

  4. Glad to help! And please mark this topic resolved.

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