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    My blog’s

    I’d like to have more added pages, and have the links to them appear in the sidebar because the present set-up, where they are at the top, is looking crowded.

    I use the Cutline theme.

    Is this something I can do within this theme? I’ve looked around in the Dashboard controls but did not find a way to do this.


    The blog I need help with is



    Use the Pages widget. It’s designed for exactly this, especially since there are so many themes without tabbed headers.



    That won’t, however, prevent them from showing in the header. Only by making them sub-pages will they be prevented from showing in the header.

    I THINK there may be a workaround using the CSS upgrade, but I’m not expert enough with CSS to know what it would be.


    Raincoaster, Thank you. I will check out that Pages widget.

    Are you a PNW type raincoaster?



    What is that?

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