Linking to another site by clicking on a sidebar icon

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    I would like to add one of these logos (at to my sidebar, and if anyone clicks on this logo in my sidebar I would like it to take them to the following page:

    I’ve tried various things but can’t work out how to do it!




    You have two options – if you want it to appear in your blogroll, go in there and create the link normally, but scroll down and you will see (in the Advanced section) and Image address. Put the image URL in there.
    The other way is to put in a new text widget and copy this in there

    <a href="" id="VoteLink"><img src="" style="border:1px solid;" alt="Vote For Me!" />

    I think that is right – test it and see.



    Just tested it – seems right. Give it a go.


    Yes that appears to have worked, many thanks

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