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Linking to is it considered advertising?

  1. letmeexplainthat

    Hi folks!

    Just wanted to know, if its allowed to link to banners from blogs? I wanted to put few of these banners in my blog...

    It's a non-profit thing, for those of you who didn't know about Care2.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you are not making any money off your referrals (which I assume you are not) and/or your site is not meant or built to drive traffic to that site (which I assume it is not), then by my understanding of the ToS it's OK. But I'm not staff, just a fellow user. You ought to contact Support for clarification:

  3. Looks fine to me.

  4. letmeexplainthat

    Thanks for the fast reply, Mark! :)

    @husdal : The Care2 website works completely on donations, as far as i know. They don't pay to publish their banners on your sites. Its all about donating your time and signing petitions, clicking on causes as mentioned in the link I posted...

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