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    Is there a way I can have my blog linked to 2 pages on facebook. I currently have it automatically going to my personal page, but recently started a business page for my book and would also like to have my blog auto link to that page on facebook. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is



    Not sure what you mean by “have my blog linked” to 2 pages.

    You can of course make as many links to as many places as you’d like, either in posts, or in your sidebar:

    Or do you mean you want to include external pages in your navigation bar?

    If so, pick a theme with Custom Menus. Such themes are listed here:

    The Custom Links box allows you to to add a link into your Custom Menu.



    If you want to import your posts to a Facebook Page or Group, use networked Blogs, which works very well.



    Thank you both. Yes, I meant be able to automatically “send” my blog to 2 separate facebook “walls”- my personal one and my business one. I’ll look into networked Blogs~
    Thanks again

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