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Linking to Google+

  1. I would like to see more options for linking my blog to and/or automatically sharing my posts on social media, specifically Google+. Anyone with me? Are there any developments on this at all?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Google plus wants original content only and that's why they don't provide a means of auto-posting the same bah, blah, blah that's auto-posted everywhere else. I think that's the very best thing about Goggle plus.

  3. Agreed. The two distinct advantages G+ has are hangouts and NO ROBOPOSTS.

  4. sherrysdigiscraps

    I am trying to link my Blog to Google+. I like the conversation but it doesn't answer to question. Where/how do I post the link ion my Blog?

  5. I have the same question.

  6. Same question... I've been trying for hours but i didn't find a way. How can i add the rel author tag?

  7. If you simply want to give people a way to connect with you on G+ you create a text widget with a link to your Profile. Then they can click to it and decide whether or not to Circle you there.

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