Linking to MP3 after upgrade

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    According to the FAQ:

    “2. Buy the Space Upgrade. This allows you to upload mp3, ogg, wav, m4a, mov, wmv, avi, and mpg files to your blog and play them too.”

    Ok, I did that. I bought the upgrade. Now, I’m trying to link to the MP3 I just uploaded. I did this:

    [audio name-of-file-mp3]

    A little audio player came up, but no song played. It just said “buffering”…and nothing happened.

    Question: IF the MP3 is here on somewhere…what URL do I need to put in there. What IS the URL of the MP3 I just uploaded?



    I suppose it will be something like:
    as for pictures. Did you try to look under “Manage” > “Uploads”?


    I figured out the URL but it still didn’t work.

    I then tried to to link to a musicwebtown file using the same method and that ended up the same: endless buffering.

    I looked through all the questions/responses on this issue and I don’t think this is going to be very easy to do. Better to skip it.



    could you give us the url to the file?



    I am having the exact same problem. If I link directly to the file, it works fine, but using [audio http://filelocation/file.mp3%5D results in endless buffering.


    I’m doing this:


    It doesn’t work. Endless buffering.

    It’s kind of annoying because I paid for the upgrade in order to do this.



    The problem is that, just as here, the link is a clickable one. You have to put your cursor on it and click on the “unlink” icon before it will work, otherwise the commands sort of cancel each other out.



    Remember to include that code for the audio link on the Code Tab and not the Visual Editor.



    I think this must be browser-specific, because I never do that. I didn’t do that just now when I tested the Boney M audio. And it worked just fine.


    I just put it in the code rather than the editor and it works!



    This is a big problem of mine, so I’m far from expert, but back when I was able to get them to work, the big difference was an = sign between audio and http, as in:

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